Some Benefits of Living Outside your Comfort Zone

What we refer to as our ‘comfort zone’ is the space in which we feel comfortable, and in control.
You might also call it the ‘control zone’. When we move outside of it, or push its borders, we can feel anxious, uneasy and unsafe, without the familiarity of knowing we have our knowledge, skills and experience to back us up.
Stepping outside can feel like there is no safety net anymore, and that anything can happen.

The challenge is this:
It feels unsafe to lose control, to be on rocky ground. But on the outside of this zone, magic happens. So long as we want to grow and learn, we will want a piece of it.
Let’s call this the ‘learning zone’.
Being a little anxious keeps us alert and awake, and therefore sharpens all our senses.
If you speak to any successful performer, athlete or speaker, they will tell you how they have pushed this anxiety limit all the way to the top.

How you feel about your entire life will tell you a great deal about how comfortable you are.
It might not be what you would expect, but when you are unsatisfied, you are most likely also comfortable. But living a life filled with routines that keep you doing the same thing every day, waiting for Friday to show up, is not a fulfilling one.
You might feel comfortable at best, but not fulfilled.
To a thriving enthusiast, however, Friday is just another day of the week, and no week looks the same. But inside the comfort zone, there’s order and continuity, repetitions and structure.
The safety net is clearly visible…

Nevertheless, structure can be a powerful tool. Healthy habits can create some great groundwork from which we may operate in safety and comfort.
For example, I would not want to step outside my perfectly planned environment for writing any of my books, nor would I spend the time I set aside for silence and gratitude to be anything but calm and safe.
But, when I am looking for growth and learning, I always challenge myself.
It makes perfect sense that a new perspective, a new skill and a new mindset has to come from stretching outside of familiarity and certainty – that anything new must come from a new perspective.
And in the same way, new learning is easier to accomplish where you are more alert and on point. The comfort zone might sound pleasant enough, and at times it will be, but even though we feel comfortable we might be hurting ourselves. As with false beliefs and the resistance to change, we can easily be held back from growth opportunities by our own pain and suffering.
How sweet it is to wallow in our own sorrow, and to be comfortably able to say ‘no’ to anything that will take our focus from our truth.

The more and longer we stay within our zone, the smaller it tends to get, and the harder it is to step outside. We get even more comfortable, lazy and cluttered with false beliefs.
As it shrinks, the further away the magic learning and growing zone will feel.
The wall gets higher, and harder to climb. This invisible wall that we have built, with the help from some friends and the good old programming. A lifelong project in the making, from shying away from uncertainty, and believing the crap about not being good enough, smart enough or boss enough.

What a hoax…!

We are all expansion and flowering material. If we choose to stay strapped to our comfort, we will never find our true potentials, and never experience what we’re capable of achieving.
Any learning happens outside that zone. Whenever you start anything new, like a hobby, learn a new language, take up a new sport, or start a new job, you are operating outside your safety zone…

Becoming more of who you really, truthfully are, requires stretching and bending. Limits must be pushed. Comfortable has to step aside for uncomfortable. Uneasy has to do for a while, and the safety net will have to go.

This is not about jumping off a cliff, or doing something far from your interest or calling, on the contrary, it is about moving closer to your passions and your purpose.
Although stepping somewhat out of character now and then will build some muscle, this is about stretching to grow more into who you already are. Like polishing that diamond, and learning your most hidden potentials.
Stretching is most often not extreme, it is more like a widening of the horizon.

The comfort zone will grow in the process.

Here are 8 Side Effects of Zone-Free Living

You will realize that fear is overrated.

The most common statement that follows having done something scary and seemingly risky, is,
“Had I known it was going to be this easy or go so well, I would have done it years ago.”
The fear itself is often what we are most afraid of.

The false belief that fear is something we should run from will also change, as you realize that the world did not come to an end, and nobody died.
You will grow beyond belief.
Nothing is more empowering than conquering some longs standing obstacles.
Be it the resistance to take the leap towards starting a health regime, moving house or starting your own business. Maybe you want to sell everything you own, to start a life journey of travelling the world, or you simply want to ask someone that you really like, out on a date.
It does not matter, you will grow, and your horizon will broaden. The first step is always the hardest one, but it will promote the hunger for more. As your comfort zone grows, or as you let go of the zone all together, growth becomes constant.

A seed has been panted.

Now, all you’ve got to do is water and nourish it.
You will become your own boss.
The position was always ours, although we so easily give it away, or try to give it away. We talk about taking back our power, as if it was ever gone.
I don’t believe it ever was. It sure does feel like it is taken back, but it was always there, although hidden or suppressed. It becomes easy to hide behind someone else’s flaws and shortcomings, when we feel small and inferior in our own lives.

Ultimately, you have always been the one that you have been waiting for.

You have always been what you have been searching for, but now it will become even clearer to you, and feel more How empowering and inspiring!
You will get more enthusiastic and lose the regrets.

There are several sayings in this direction of thought.
“It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”, or “It is better to have tried and failed, than to regret not trying.”
I strongly believe in this to be very true.
The enthusiasm that arises from stepping onto new ground, while realizing that your life is better for it, is contagious. It will easily encourage you to stretch more, and to get to know yourself even better.
We will never regret having tried, once we see the benefits that it will give us.
Discomfort becomes a path to success.
The whole concept of comfort changes. Why is it that for some, comfort is the absolute hiding place, yet for others, it is the plague they fear more than anything?

There are base jumpers and extreme sport enthusiasts that put their lives on the line every single day.

They shy away from what feels like confinement and lack of true feelings. They chase the high from living on the edge. Like a drug, they crave the adrenaline rush that they experience from stretching to their limit. They literally get high.

This is the other side of the pendulum, the extreme hunger for more, never seeming to get satisfied.
It can become an addiction. While the term discomfort has different meanings for different people, in the light of comfort zones, we know going outside can feel painful.
Therefore, the training and practicing of stretching, will condition us to recognize even discomfort as something valuable.
You will feel less anxiety and stress.
How can doing something that might push you into anxiety and stress, help you? I was almost paralyzed by anxiety for several years. From being physically debilitated, I suffered greatly on every level.

Physical, mental and emotional are all one, connected through our energetics, organs and glands. By walking through your fire, you will break free from the hold that any anxiety has on you.
By stepping outside your zone, you will feel empowered to take care of your health on every level. It will benefit the rest of your life.
No stressful live is ever a healthy one.
You will inspire others.

People are always looking for guidance and direction. By living your truth and growing as a person, you will become a powerful inspiration to those around you.

We tend to look towards those who have done what we seek to achieve. Your life will be fulfilled with a new joy from influencing others to also take a leap of faith. To be able to be a way-shower and a mentor.

One of the greatest blessings of my life is to be able to inspire others.
You will need no one’s approval ever again.

You will be done searching for validation. What a relief! You have experienced firsthand that it is all up to you. Not to do alone, but to take charge of You know that you are enough, that you can try anything without being afraid of failure.

You know that success and magic happens outside the comfort zone. Your zone just took a hike, as you stepped up and claimed your seat.

You are limitless and your everyday life will reflect on that.

“If you ever want to experience
and achieve anything out of the ordinary,
that will reflect your true potentials,
step outside the zone.”
Hilde Larsen

Incorporate a zone-free life where stretching is a part of your growth and bullshit-free living.

Play in all areas of your possibilities, and let no anxiety, or perceived zone of the masses, hold you back from your amazingness and extraordinaire.

Once the illusion that you have anything to fear by feeling a bit uncomfortable or anxious at times is gone, you are truly free to live.

Our lives are not confined by any rules that hold back our creative and passionate exploration. They are all illusionary and false. Take back your boldness and step onto your stage.

To expand through your everyday living, start by changing some of your routines. Break a habit, and look for other, and maybe even better ways to do things. If you are usually sedentary, move more.

Get away from the computer or the TV, and find some activities to get you moving. If you are very active, always in motion running around, unwind, take a load of.

Relax and be more still. Take some “me” time. If you are shy, get out more, and if you don’t like to be alone, practice. Read more books. Reading what others are saying and have experienced can be uplifting and inspiring.

Knowledge is power, and by knowing better we can do better.

Go out dancing and shake it up. Be more childish, and tell more jokes. The next time you go to a restaurant, try something you have never had before. Help someone in need, or volunteer at a shelter or a soup kitchen.

Count your blessings and serve at the same time.

Sing a little louder, walk longer, aim higher and dance more often. Smile wider, laugh louder, invest more truthfully and love unconditionally.

Step out of any false belief that you are less than magnificent, and stay humble for the opportunities that unfold in front of you.

We often care too much, about outcomes, about others, and about our own lack of ability. Care a little less about the things that matter the least.

Nothing is standing between you and your ability to just not give a damn…



CIA Docs Reveal Black Budget “Project Star Gate”

The CIA has published online nearly 13 million pages of declassified records, including papers on the US role in overthrowing foreign governments, but some of the most mind blowing information is in reference to the secret ‘Star Gate’ telepathy project. The details of CIA’s “Project Star Gate” are riveting, and expose uncharted waters to be researched as far as there is virtually no mainstream science or pop culture awareness of the phenomena exposed in the project – and is often ridiculed as the stuff of science fiction. The revelations come as part of a massive almost 13 million file dump of declassified reports – that are now available on the internet for the first time.
 Project Star Gate, was the code name for a CIA project that attempted to harness what until now has been thought of as “supernatural” or psychic abilities for military and intelligence use – noting in some of the documents that the method was “passive,” “inexpensive,” and that there was “no known defense.” The papers show how the CIA was attempting to harness these abilities in individuals to spy on people and alter important objects, amongst other abilities. One of the processes described, called “Psychoenergetics,” described a “mental process” where a person can “view,” “communicate,” or alter objects that are located in different space or time away from the subject. It also describes things such as remote viewing, where people can see objects that are located in another place, as well as telekenisis, which is the ability for someone to move objects they are not physically in contact with.
 The declassified files suggest that CIA officials in charge of Project Stargate believed that they had some success utilizing and harnessing these amazing extrasensory abilities, but noted perceived limitations. Reports reveal that remote viewing was to only be used to collect information in conjunction with other methods, and that intelligence gained through remote viewing “should not stand alone.”
Project Stargate was officially concluded in in 1995, when the existence of the program was declassified, with the CIA reporting that it hadn’t proven useful enough and that previous results that seemed to show the veracity of telepathic powers had been doctored.
 The length of time the project was acknowledged to be in existence, nearly 20 year, suggests that it the results of the project were promising enough to keep funding it to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars over two decades. The idea that the program simply became public in 1995, and was ended after 20 years, is a naïve proposition. There is great likelihood that the program was simply rolled over into another Special Access Black Budget Program (SAPs) – meaning that all of the information and findings within these programs remains secret and unknown to the mainstream world. From these (SAPS) we have unacknowledged and waived SAPs. These programs do not exist publicly, but they do indeed exist. They are commonly referred to as ‘deep black programs.’
A 1997 U.S. Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress.” For the CIA to receive million of dollars in funding, to study these phenomena, suggests there was a level of initial and continued success that precipitated the continued money flow and nearly two decades of research — something you wouldn’t do for a tech without serious potential and promise. The explanation that they studied these abilities for almost 20 years then decided they didn’t work and cancelled the program, while possible, doesn’t really sound very credible.
Note that the military industrial complex has keenly studied this technology, while mainstream science and academia steadfastly refuse to fund research into this area of study — going so far as to shun and ridicule any legitimate academic that would dare attempt research into this discipline as a pseudoscientist. The fact that these numerous telepathic abilities have been so intimately studied by our own government, in secret, while the public has been allowed to believe these types of abilities are akin to the realm of fantasy raises a very interesting question. If these powers exist, as evidenced by the research, then why has their existence been withheld from the general public?
 As modern research has explored the mind/matter relationship, we have come to understand that consciousness, or factors associated with consciousness, actually have an observable effects on what we call the material world. These effects can be so small they are not even distinguishable by the human eye, but do exist on a quantum level.

Embodying your highest potential

We all made up of a constellation of thoughts, ideas, memories and perceptions that are overlaid on top of our essential self which also could be called our core nature. When we were born into this world our essential self was very present and radiating outward, free and clear of what this world and it’s influences will impose upon us – shape, contort and force us to conform to. We also come into these lives with other influences that will effect how we are able to function and move.

So, by the time you reach adulthood there are a multitude of overlays on top of our essential self. Some of the very potent overlays are how we have adapted to our parentage, schooling and societal influences. We adapt in certain ways that allow us to survive and ideally prosper in our home, growing up and in society at large. We learn and take on various behaviors and ideals, as well as helpful or less helpful ideas from our parents, schooling and work environments and those people who we interact with and interact with us.

We often assume through our genetic lineage and cultural inculcation habits, ideas and beliefs specific to the culture and society we grow up in and they remained mostly unseen and unquestioned. We are submerged like fish in a fish tank in that are mostly oblivious to the water all around us. The water, in this case, is everything we have taken on – like various pieces of clothing – since we have been born, wearing and living within it unquestioningly.

We are force-fed ideas and beliefs that are held as “true” and “real” and enforced through the mass or group energetic fields of beliefs all around us. They influence and effect us all the time like the weather – the rain, snow and wind – that we encounter all the time. Thankfully there is sunshine as well! Of course there are are optimal combinations of culture, weather, parenting, schooling and societal influences. A good question to ask is how healthy is our society and the culture we have grown up in?

If we look at the world around us it is abundantly clear that things must change and become very different and this must take place sooner than later.

You might ask yourself what can you as an individual do, considering everything I have mentioned above? Is it even possible to become an agent of positive change for yourself, your family, your loved ones, your society and the world around you?

My answer is an unequivocal YES!

I know that all of you reading this, if you’ve gotten this far, are becoming and being the solution by your personal evolution. You do this by waking up! You do this by educating yourself and becoming ever more discerning in your choices. You make choices that affirm your beliefs, choices that are life affirming. Choices that support living in an environment that’s clean and nurturing. Choices that affirm love and connection rather than separation and alienation. Choices that show you love yourself and are committed to caring for and nurturing yourself.

Changing and evolving your own consciousness is the only way that you can be of help and assistance to those you love and the world around you. When you’re sinking in quicksand you cannot offer a hand to help anybody else out. So your dedication to self-care assures you will be standing on firmer ground and able to help those you love.

We are all in different stages of moving from asleep to waking up. Having compassion and understanding for others and their current stage of development is essential. We do not expect a kindergartner to have the maturity, cognitive abilities, discernment and choice-making abilities of a high-schooler or a college graduate. Your dedication to doing what is necessary to free yourself of the conditioning you have taken on, your commitment to waking up, freeing yourself from those things that are weighing you down, numbing you and blinding and binding you is what will ensure and create a changed world.

Embodying your true abilities and potentials to be all of what you came here to Earth to be is the solution to the crisis we are currently living in.

We are all in this world together and together is how we are going to assist and change it to be the place that it really can be! Let us create through our personal evolution a world that we are desiring to live in and that our children will thrive in. The more you embody, in every day and every moment, the type of world do you want to live in and pass on to your children the sooner it will become manifested.

In Light, Love and Service,


Veil of Forgetfulness

What is the veil of forgetfulness and what is its purpose?  Why are so many people seemingly separated from their higher selves?  How can I dissolve the veil of forgetfulness?

Many people live their entire lives never knowing about the existence of the veil of forgetfulness.  The veil of forgetfulness serves several purposes:

1.     It allows us to forget any trauma from previous lives, such as traumatic memories.
2.     It allows us to find ourselves without initially realizing our connection to Source.
3.     It allows us to learn from the ego, as well as to dissolve the ego.

Some people have the ability to remember their past lives while others learn about them through past life regression hypnotherapy.  Both of these methods help to confirm the existence of the veil of forgetfulness.
Others may have Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) in which they temporarily reconnect with Prime Creator, only to come back to this 3rd dimensional reality with a glimpse of what we can expect when we cross over to the other side.
But you may ask, “Why am I not able to remember my connection to Source?”.  The clues are all around you through nature, animals, friends, family, etc…  The divine love and appreciation we feel for these things are a microcosm of the love we feel when we return back to the Source.  In a 3D world of duality, where fear is constantly imposed on us, it is sometimes difficult to remember the divine spark of light that we all have within us.

We sometimes get reminders through synchronicities, such as experiencing 11:11 or other repetitive synchronistic numbers.

Part of your challenge in this incarnation is re-remembering who you are along with your intimate relationship with Prime Creator.  While at times it might seem that you are on this journey alone, the truth is, you are not alone!  You have spirit guides and guardian angels that love you so very much and are always by your side!  Ask them for help or assistance because that is their job and they are eager to work with you!  Of course, they are not going to manifest a Porsche for you, but they will help guide you in non-materialistic ways that help to facilitate your spiritual journey.  Your higher self serves as a guide and is not allowed to interfere with your free will, so it is your choice to ask your higher self for help, or to choose otherwise.

Remember this:  If you ever doubted the presence of your higher self, spirit guides or guardian angels, think about the times you used your intuition.  Your intuition is usually one of these entities reminding you of something important.
The veil of forgetfulness helps to lock in place duality, from which you will learn many, many lessons.  After all, that is one of the reasons why you decided to incarnate here at this particular time, so, in essence, it provides you with opportunities for spiritual growth.
This is also why some people take longer to awaken than others.  The veil of forgetfulness varies from person to person and as you raise your vibrations, the veil starts to lift.  Those people who are muddled in fear and lower vibrations have a more dense type of veil of forgetfulness, which presents them ample opportunities to overcome obstacles for spiritual growth.  It is within their own free will to decide to stay locked in fear or to begin their spiritual journeys.
An easy way to lift the veil of forgetfulness is through meditation and the clearing of your chakras. Meditation helps to free your mind from stress and fear.  Clearing your chakras, along with meditation, helps to facilitate your connection to your higher self and helps to begin the re-remembering process.
We are starting to witness a new breed of humanity called indigo children, crystal children, and star seeds who are born with little or no veils of forgetfulness.  Their connection to Source is direct and they have concrete memories of their past lives.  This is symbolic of the growth that we, as the collective, have achieved in our spiritual journeys.  In other words, many of us are at the end of the reincarnation process that involves entering into a 3rd dimensional reality and are ready for the next stage of our journeys into the higher dimensional realms of reality.  The indigos that are currently incarnating will help to usher in the Golden Age and they bring an infused energy that will help to transform the current system of politics, education and livelihood.  The Earth is currently going through her own transformational evolutionary process where the core of the planet is shifting into something that is crystalline matter.  All the earthquake and volcanic activity is starting to show that these are signs of the evolution changes.  The shift is to transition from 3D into 5D and human body’s will also evolve into having a crystalline essence for bodies, so there will be a choice to have a physical body and also a light energy body that is made of pure universal energetic vibrations, having the capabilities to manifest things in the blink of the eye.

As your veil begins to lift, you will begin to notice a disdain for how things are done and will crave a new beginning… one that involves a collective compassion for humanity and our well-being.  You will find that fear is easily dissolved and replaced with love as you are no longer buying into the old system of paradigm matrix that promotes economic slavery.  You eagerly sense real change in the air and no longer buy into the political rhetoric that keeps us divided as people.  Your views on religion may swing to the realization that YOU are your own God or Goddess and we are all equally divine, and have our own free sovereignty as living beings!

The Law of One- The Veil is present only in the 3D density

Ra (a highly evolved social memory complex – see: ra-and-quo-the-law-of-one):
“This is the only plane of forgetting.  It is necessary for the 3rd density entity to forget so that the mechanisms of confusion or free will may operate upon the newly individuated consciousness complex. The same conditions existed in time/space (the metaphysical realms) both before and after the veiling (or veil of forgetfulness); that is, the veiling process is a space/time phenomenon.  Without the veil the mind was not caught in your illusory time.”

A Few Things to Remember

  • Ask your higher self for help in re-remembering who you are and your purpose for being here.

  • Meditate and clear your chakras.

  • Dissolve the ego.

  • Eliminate all fear.

  • Work on resolving any residual karmic lessons or soul contracts, this helps to remove emotional blocks and lift the veil.

  • Stop watching TV and reading anything published by the main stream media.

  • Help others in this transition.

Why the need for the Veil of Forgetfulness

With the rare exception of very advanced souls, the events of one’s prenatal existence are rarely recalled. The physical plane is the only plane of forgetfulness, and this has over time been imposed upon third-density consciousness by those conditions inherent within the Fall from Grace. Reincarnating mankind, therefore, is required to mature and grow by making fresh choices in each new incarnation without recourse to the actual experiences of previous lifetimes. Prudent decisions made in the new incarnation, however, will lead eventually to complete freedom from the need for further third-density experience. Such emancipation from the difficult but necessary and rewarding life-experience of the physical plane has in past been termed by some spiritual schools as ‘Liberation’, and denotes a non-compulsory promotion from the dense material world and an auspicious movement forward in the eternal stream of spiritual unfoldment.

Now, all Servers who have chosen to incarnate physically upon Earth (even those who are here for the very first time) must adhere to the laws and conditions of the physical plane, and so during the earlier stages of their corporeal embodiment they are also subject to forgetfulness. This is another of the many burdens that Servers dutifully accept as an inherent factor in their voluntary descent into the vibratory fields of third-density existence. The veil of forgetfulness is designed to mask the memory of their origins, purpose on Earth, higher consciousness, etc., to the degree necessary for them to experience fully the typical human condition. It also affords them needed camouflage until it is time for their public recognition. However, the veil does not inhibit all of their sensibilities, and this is why most Servers will feel alienated within society to some degree, for they sense that there is so much more to life than that of which humanity is aware, and they often suffer painful lessons in order to arrive at the definite acknowledgement that Truth and divine Love are generally quite unknown and unpopular strangers here upon Earth.

The personal veil imposes certain restrictions upon the soul that frequently serve to evoke a common pattern throughout the lives of Servers. This pattern often includes trials and challenges that may produce considerable friction and distress for Servers up until their circumstances become better understood by penetrating the veil to some degree. Generally, difficulties will repeat themselves until Servers have learned necessary lessons by way of their physical incarnation and so become qualified to empathically assist humanity. One of the most significant distinctions of the dense material world in comparison to the more subtle spheres is that it offers repeated opportunities to learn how to love unconditionally despite its abundant dualities and illusions, and Servers are generally inhibited from remembering who they are until they choose to use their free will wisely by loving and helping others. This last point is of vital importance and is most worthy of serious consideration by anyone who is beginning to suspect their nature and, therefore, their purpose upon Earth.

As necessary as the veil of forgetfulness is to the overall success of each Server’s mission, the masked condition is designed to be but temporary. Servers invariably possess certain inner senses which, when heeded, will always impel them to serve the directives of the group-soul rather than those of the personality, and in order to penetrate the veil of forgetfulness and so consciously remember their duty, Servers must listen carefully within; they must trust their Greater Self, and then act upon their insights and true spiritual impulses. It is the duty of all Servers to ultimately negate the mandatory imposition made upon them by the veil, and they may hasten this important process of awakening by applying in their lives two rudimentary measures: i) sincere and intelligent seeking of Truth, and ii) active service. By law, both these activities, if done in earnest, will ensure assistance from the invisible worlds, and so help lead Servers into a progressive emergence from the veiled condition.

It should be remembered that Servers have already reached a higher level of spiritual attainment than the average Earth-bound soul. Therefore, the physical, emotional and mental components of the individual that together comprise the personality of the Server are to be regarded solely as the lower vehicles of expression, communication and service. However, in accord with the Law of Forgetfulness, once new vehicles are taken on in physical incarnation the veil must be pierced anew, self-knowledge reattained and divine contact re-established as a personality before real spiritual service may be rendered. Therefore, the art of spiritual discrimination must be recultivated by incarnated Servers in order to help effect purification of the lower vehicles which, without exception, will have become tainted by the polluted ethers and countless other detrimental influences upon Earth. Purification is a process that must be furthered every day in order that the veil of forgetfulness may be progressively attenuated as higher spiritual contact is fostered. Negative purification, i.e., the release of harmful patterns from the emotional body, and positive purification, i.e., the education of the mental body, will bring about the balanced preparation of the Server’s personality, rapport with the group-soul and so also with the Divine Plan. This process of alignment and purification is essential both to the thinning of the veil and the fortification of the Server’s vehicles so that they may be prepared for contact with Divinity, and the way of purification exemplified by Servers is a road upon which humanity must also embark if it is to enter the New World. In helping to liberate humanity from the prison of self, such alignment of the personality with the purposes of the divine Will is the goal of all Servers today, and shall enable the Law of Service to be progressively and spontaneously demonstrated upon Earth.

There exist certain personal benefits to the veil of forgetfulness also. Firstly, it restricts the amount of inflowing force or home-vibration until the personality is ready to receive it, able to take responsibility for the consequences of such power, and thus to wield it safely in the world for the good of others. Secondly, the potent effects created prematurely by a high-frequency aura upon Earth would undoubtedly result in excessive persecution from those who do not possess spiritual understanding. An unveiled personality in the public arena would thus suffer inordinately at the hands of many human beings who would become quite dazzled by an awakened Server’s innate radiance. Mankind is still not ready today to behold the full light of the New World Consciousness, the precipitation of which shall be introduced to Earth via the lower vehicles of Servers. Therefore, the veil is left intact to some degree until the right moment, and this also provides opportunity for further preparation by the personalities of Servers, as sufficient strength, confidence and wisdom is regained from their experience in physical incarnation.

However, the more diligent and advanced among Servers are today successfully penetrating their veil of forgetfulness to a significant degree, and are consequently attaining at least a fragmentary recollection of their mission. However, should these awakened ones choose to ignore their newly-recalled spiritual duty to humanity, and instead fall prey, even to a small extent, to selfishness under the surreptitious influence of those materialistic forces that still hold sway over the Earth, they will subsequently suffer hefty penalties that will be imposed upon their personality by their own group-soul in order to encourage them back along the right road. Such consequences are often quite disturbing for Servers who may find that they have plunged to an all-time low of depression, confusion or worse, whereby no light may be found by them anywhere. Such a quandary will last for as long as they continue to live for self and not for others. These measures may appear to be somewhat severe when regarded casually, yet they are actually a part of the Servers’ basic training, implemented by no other factor save the directives of their group-soul in order that their future service may be carried out according to plan. Such measures may be rightfully recognized, therefore, as being most appropriate when considering the important task of Servers which, in being a part of the Divine Plan for mankind on Earth at this critical time, must be given every opportunity to succeed. Servers who may have become lost in a cloud of personal problems may profit by contemplating their attitudes and reactions to all phenomena related to their malaise until they uncover what life has been whispering to them by way of their disquietude.

The planetary deadline is so very close today that recent arrivals among Servers necessarily carry a thinner veil of forgetfulness, and will consequently witness far less limitation imposed upon them. The awakening and positive engagement of these more youthful Servers will also be better facilitated than their predecessors because their innate spiritual faculties and teaching skills will be better recognized, appreciated, more enthusiastically evoked and consciously required by a more awakened and readied humanity whose attentiveness to the laws of life will have been galvanized by crisis during the rapidly changing and climactic times ahead.

The Veil Unveiled

“Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We are the Order of Melchizedek, spiritual guardians of the earth and humanity. We prefer that you think of us as your doting Brothers! Our mission, our dedication to the Divine Plan is helping you to gracefully evolve. To that end, we would like to share with you an aspect of your energetic “wiring” that has been, up until now, beyond your framework of reference. This has to do with the Veil of Forgetfulness, where it is and how it functions.

We will begin by asking you, dear reader, a question. Have you ever wondered where the Veil of Forgetfulness actually is? For most people, this is one of many metaphysical concepts that sounds good, makes sense, but they do not “see” any logical or physical proof that it exists. Of course, since the Veil is what keeps your duality firmly in place and keeps you separate from conscious connection to Spirit, one could argue that you aren’t supposed to see it! Yes, all well and good, but it puts the Veil back into the conceptual-theoretical arena and removes it from your actual day-to-day existence.

The Veil of Forgetfulness is not an amorphous concept, nor is it a puffy wall beyond the horizon that you will encounter if you walk far enough. If the Veil is supposed to keep 3D duality fixed and keep your sensory level limited, did you ever wonder why each person attains a heightened vibration in their own time, in their own way? If the Veil were the same for everyone (i.e. affected each person the same way), wouldn’t everyone be making the same progress at the same time? Yes, if the Veil were fixed in your dimension outside of your bodies, you would all respond the same way.

Getting clear yet? Each person has their very own Veil of Forgetfulness, built into their chakra system. When we say, “The way up is within” and “The kingdom of God is inside you” we are speaking literally! Your Higher Self connection is the eighth chakra link between the Eternal You and the temporarily physical you. Up until now, this connection has been like a one-way mirror, keeping you unaware that you are linked to levels of yourself beyond your physical core.

We ask you to see the eighth chakra as the “outer skin” of your dense etheric body, like a big balloon of energy encompassing you in all directions. Picture this membrane to be twelve inches above your head and the same twelve inches below your feet. Now, we stated earlier that Crown and Root are your two vertical chakras pointing up and down, while the horizontal chakras two through six each has an energy vortex front and back, linked by a thin tube through the body. Well, the two vertical chakras, Root and Crown, each have a second vortex, too! Picture the top aspect of the eighth chakra pointing down towards your head – it provides the incoming energy for your Crown chakra! Now picture the downward-pointing Root chakra, and place the bottom of the eighth chakra below it facing up – that is the energetic vortex mate to Root, which feeds you back clean, and green earth energy to keep you grounded! There is your full “as above, so below” connection to the cosmos!

In some holistic teachings, the eighth chakra has been named your Soul Star/Earth Star connection. Within the neck of the eighth chakra, within each flower pointing down to crown from above and also pointing up to feet from below, is a little golden filter. The filter above your crown controls how much universal energy, and what frequency, the body can handle incoming at any given time. Since your meridian system is built with a “circuit-breaker” around the head to protect the crown chakra from internal pressure backing up, the crown also needs a way to release pressure. The golden filter above the crown, in addition to feeding universal energy into your energetic system, also reverses to release excess pressure from the crown chakra.

The golden filter below your feet (in the bottom part of the eighth chakra pointing up to root) acts as a drain for all the excess pressure released from your body, and also determines how much earth energy incoming your body can handle. Yes, each filter has a dual purpose in different directions, acting as pressure release valves for the seven-chakra system held within the energetic circle of the eighth chakra.

Now, how do these interactions take place? How does the eighth chakra know the “light-density quotient” of each of the lower chakras? Ah, the beauty of your design leaves us in awe. Look to the mate of the eighth chakra. In earlier text, we stated that the sixth chakra, your Third Eye, has a “physical monitoring connection” to each of the other six chakras. What does that mean? The sixth chakra is constantly reading (its own and) the energy levels of the other chakras, and relaying that information to its mate, the eighth. Based on those energy readings, the eighth chakra adjusts its internal filters accordingly. Is it not amazingly simple?

Yes, where the Veil is and what it does are both simple enough to explain, but how the Veil filters actually work is beyond the purview of this text. We will add, however, that your eighth chakra intimately knows how the rest of you is doing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Thus Higher Self constantly knows the specifics of where you are blocked, and what still needs to be learned. Even if a person is physically healthy, they still need to clear their emotional, mental and spiritual “etheric baggage” (i.e. 3D low-density pressure pockets) from their auras. The lessons they draw to themselves in life keep recurring because they are magnetizing that specific vibratory level of lesson to them. That frequency level is controlled by the eighth chakra, based upon the vibratory health of the internal seven chakras. People in victim mode, for example, keep attracting victim lessons until they heighten their vibration beyond that band and no longer need to attract that level of lesson.

So, how are these vibrations emitted and received?  The Higher-Self will patiently guide you through your lessons, over and over, until your spiritual homework has been accomplished. All of those “lesson vibrations” that bounce back and forth between people (to cause drama and stimulate learning) occur because you are unconscious transmitters. You don’t realize how much you are energetically broadcasting, all the time! Whether it be emotions from the emotional layer or repeating loops in the mental layer, most people are stuck in one or both modes. That is one reason that our teachings include gaining control of your thoughts and emotions. Not only is unconscious broadcasting a huge energy drain, it constantly reinforces the very things you are trying to release, due to the Universal Law of Attraction.

Dear ones, once you learn how to clear the pockets of 3D density you all carry in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers, your vibratory rise will be guaranteed. Once you learn how to stop “feeding” those pockets and start clearing them instead, you will feel better, accomplish more, and improve the quality of your lives. The Veil of Forgetfulness lies within you, each person carries their own. That is why ascension is such an individual process. That is also how your new generations are coming in enhanced, they have thinner Veil filters than you were born with. In order to resonate with and blend with the higher energies, we have been teaching you how to clear your aura and physical core of excess internal pressure that holds you back in the density of the third dimension.

Do you see now, dear one, why you need a daily practice? Do you see why reading and learning metaphysical concepts only takes you part way to your goal? The clearer your meridian system, the more “light” you can hold. The higher your light-density quotient, the thinner your Veil filters become – at the physical level. That is where you’re etheric layers, your senses, systems and body parts are all “wired together.” In order to be able to manifest anything at the material 3D level, you must do it from a higher level: the 5D level, the level of union between all chakras.

Once you clear and balance your seven internal chakras enough to blend fully into the vibratory resonance of the eighth chakra, you achieve a unity, or unified chakra field, that becomes All One Chakra. Yes, once you are fully integrated at this level, you will have full conscious charge of your “light-density” quotient. You will know exactly when you need to clear, what and where from; you will know when you need to recharge yourself. You will understand and practice Care and Maintenance of the Aura.

To those of you worried about your “light-density quotient,” what the specific numbers are and what they mean, we say, “Stop worrying about it! Stop wasting energy in that direction!” You would have to have a strong working knowledge of sacred geometry to fully understand how this process works and what each gradient means. Ultimately, that knowledge will not serve you unless you know how to apply it. The Veil is one of many systems you have built into your body that are autonomous. Would you want to be in full conscious charge of your digestion? Of your hormonal levels? Of your bone-marrow production? That level of body awareness would only interfere with your current life. If you just focus on diligently clearing your nervous system of pressure and re-energizing when you feel the need, your PEMS body layers will rebalance themselves!

Once you have cleared enough internal pressure to lift your dense etheric body into a higher energetic band-width, what happens then? You merge with your Soul Purpose chakra, dear one. Higher Self blends with you by adjusting your golden filters so that all eight energy centers become One vibration. You expand beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness, which you no longer need to keep you blindly focused on the 3D game of earthly life. Yes, you become a truly interdimensional being. Once your chakra system expands into full integration at the eighth level, you won’t be reading our channeled words any more, dear precious human, you will be conversing with us directly!

 Help each other, work on each other, support each other, and please remember the 3 R’s: Rest, release, and recharge!”


What If You Could See Behind The Veil?

What if you could lift the veil and had the ability to see a soul? Would you accept that you are part of a limitless and infinite collective consciousness? What would it be like to overcome fear by rejecting superficial ideologies and dogmas? Could you connect to a higher frequency of love, identifying with others, not only as individuals, but as souls integrally connected?

There is a oneness that is beautiful and pure. Lift the veil, what would you see? Imagine a group of souls communicating with each other regarding how they wish to evolve with the aspiration to be more like God. What if before you were born you had several conversations with other souls that went something like this: “Hey Brent, in my next life, I need to learn selflessness and compassion. Could you meet up with me in 10 years and teach me that? Karen, it was wonderful being your sister last time around, but would you help me with tolerance and acceptance? Sally, I really need to work on being humble. Could you meet me when I’m 35?”

Perhaps, it’s an addiction you’d like to experience to become more compassionate towards others with addictions. You may desire to live with a disease with aspirations of becoming a compassionate healer or may choose to live in poverty or extreme wealth.

All lessons would be predetermined. You’d essentially know what your journey would look like with some unexpected twists and turns along the way. How you decide to respond once you have incarnated is up to you as you still have free will.

Here you are born into a story with some foundational aspects revealed at birth, like where you live, nationality, and parents. Your religion is most often dictated to you along with the language you learn to communicate. Your socialization and domestication are also predetermined. You will be expected to accept belief systems that are not your own. Once you have matured, you could boldly and courageously replace the belief systems you’ve inherited with your own. In some societies, there will be consequences, but that would also be part of your evolution and transcendence should you decide to challenge what you’ve been taught.

What if you accepted the idea that everyone, including yourself, has chosen a spiritual assignment before incarnation, and whatever you or they are experiencing is the result of those choices? Would you be more compassionate even with yourself? Could you intuitively, empathically and automatically understand?

What if, for one day, everyone in the world could lift the veil and see the soul of every other human being? What would they see? More importantly, what wouldn’t they see behind the veil? Would the experience of seeing a soul change everything? Could anyone ever go back to living behind the veil?

Think about it. Labels would vanish. There would be no distinction between straight, lesbian, homosexual, transgender, single, married, divorced or widowed. There would be no gender or skin color. Nationality wouldn’t matter. No distinction would exist between Catholic, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Muslim or Atheist. Drug addict, alcoholic, gambler, cheat or thief would be nonexistent. It wouldn’t matter if you were a president, ambassador, doctor, attorney, teacher or farm worker. It wouldn’t matter if you were called selfish, jealous, rude, weak, strong, kind, gentle, rich, poor or homeless. There would be no disease or any manifestation of a body that is sick. Dwarf, midget, giant, little person, tall, short, freak, pretty, beautiful, ugly, handsome, good looking or any other label would totally disappear.

The only thing that you would see is a soul, which is an illumination of pure, radiant color and light – a beautiful embodiment of love and translucent energy. A sense of peace and joy would flood through every cell of your body. As you inhale and exhale deeply, you would release all that is not real, and in that moment, experience nirvana as the veil is lifted.

The soul before you is grounded beautifully in love with an authentic journey. The identifying, segregating, limiting shell has vanished. Agreements that have been unknowingly made disappear as you experience an immediate shift in understanding and accepting that everything is aligned with a single phase in evolution for one life time, somewhere between the moment of conception and death that could span over 100 years. You recognize the soul as that soul is also a part of you, and you accept the idea of birth, death and transition. You feel at home.

What if the person is evil, would we still see a soul behind the veil? Personally, some people believe that once the veil has been lifted, seeing purely through the eyes of love, evil hiding under any disguise or manifestation would disappear, returning to its native nothingness.

You would see an unfolding and a regeneration with the purpose of evolving higher in every area to one day reach a God Consciousness, so profound that there would be no separation from God. You would think, act and respond like God. You would see only through the eyes of love, blind to anything or anyone that could cause separation, blind to injustice, war, hate, and most importantly fear.

Only when the veil is lifted, it would not seem so odd when people come out from behind the walls they’ve built for protection. Stories that trend on social media would not cause you to shake your head in bewilderment.

By separating yourself from superficial perceptions and ideologies, you’d accept that everyone has a soul journey with lessons to learn are merely passing through. You would understand without judgment or criticism, empathizing with whatever anyone was dealing with because you would know it was crafted, more times than not, by their own hand.

If we, collectively could do that, lift and see a soul beyond the veil, life would make much more sense. Everything that may have once seemed insignificant or nonsensical would hold deeper meaning. You would not be so inclined to analyze, judge or scrutinize the life and choices of anyone. You would know that this life experience was designed for their highest good. Just as yours has been designed for you. You would constantly seek knowledge and truth, while taking responsibility for the change you’d like to see in the world and in yourself, doing so compassionately and with kindness. You would know that what you resist will follow you again and again until you get it right.

If we all had soul vision, everyone around the world would know that they are intricately united. One nation under God, under Spirit. One planet under God, under Spirit. The same God that created the Universe, the heavens and the earth. The same God that resides within you.

If you aspire to be closer to God and to adopt a God-like consciousness, the first step in that evolution is learning to see through the veil…the facade. Lift the veil and choose to see a soul through the eyes of love. Accept that everyone has divine purpose and are part of a much greater plan, and you are here to transcend illusion.

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Our Cellular Memory & Belief Systems

The Cellular Memory is the complete blueprint for your existence. It is the energetic expression of you as a holistic being. The labels “mind”, “body” and “spirit” are artificial labels that exist to make it easier for you to comprehend your multidimensional existence on earth. Each point within your cellular memory contains all the information of the whole. This information is infinitely accessible to each and every cell of your body. If you magnify your cells down to your atoms, you would see that you are made up of subtle bundles of “info-energy.” This info-energy is comprised of physical, mental and emotional data that comes from all of your life experiences, genetic heritage, and past generations. Nothing we experience escapes being imprinted into our Cellular Hologram in the form of a cell memory. What we commonly refer to as “The Cellular Memory” is the collective energy field generated by these individual cell memories. It operates behind the scenes of our subconscious mind.

The Cellular Memory pre-disposes or, “programs” you to perceive and behave a certain way as thoughts and feelings are made manifest within your consciousness. To use the analogy of a computer, the holistic beingness is the hard disk, or storage disk. The Cellular Memory is the database on the storage disk. The files within the database are the cell memories. It can be stated that everything that has ever happened to us is recorded in the cells of our body similarly to files being stored within a computer. In this way, the Cellular Memory is a bio-computer that influences our relationships to everything and anything that is happening. It affects the way we perform routine tasks and how we react to stress and handle emotional challenges in our present circumstances. Stored within the Cellular Memory are all the conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviors. The unproductive patterns impair our ability to feel well, happy, healthy, attain our goals and fulfill our destiny.

How the Cellular Memory affects our health 

By default, your body is built to support health, harmony and connection between all parts. So why do we get sick, develop a disease or illness that won’t easily go away? If our bodies are meant to support vitality and healing then why doesn’t it just happen right away? The simplest answer in our experience over the last 20 years is that the Cellular Memory by nature contains both Positive Emotional Charge (PEC) and Negative Emotional Charge (NEC) that is constantly flowing and influencing our state of mind and body health. The PEC is our soul’s birthright. It can be described as an energy field of life force that is free flowing, expanding, peaceful, non-fearful, whole and alive beyond words.

The NEC is our human condition. It can be described as an energy field of life force that is contracted; held as unprocessed traumatic experiences, negative beliefs about ourselves and others, suffocation, fear and any emotion that is a derivation of fear such as guilt, grief, shame, embarrassment, resentment, anger, etc.. We refer to the NEC’s collective energy field as the Pain Body. When the NEC becomes disproportionably higher than the PEC, this leads to massive dysfunction in the human body-mind system.

“Repressing emotions can only be causative of disease. Failure to find effective ways to express negative emotions causes you to ‘stew in your own juices.'” Day after day, this chronic immersion in negativity is what appears to produce harmful influences on health. The key is found in complex molecules called neuropeptides. The brain contains about 60 different neuropeptides, including endorphins. These neuropeptides are the means by which all cells in the body communicate with each other. This includes brain-to-brain messages, brain-to-body messages, body-to-body messages, and body-to-brain messages. Individual cells, including brain cells, immune cells, and other body cells, have receptor sites that receive neuropeptides. The kinds of neuropeptides available to cells are constantly changing, reflecting variations in your emotions throughout the day. The kind and number of emotion-linked neuropeptides available at receptor sites of cells influence your probability of staying well or getting sick.

Viruses use these same receptors to enter into a cell, and depending on how much of the natural peptide for that receptor is around, the virus will have an easier or harder time getting into the cell. To put it simply “The chemicals that are running our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion. And that says to us that . . . we’d better pay more attention to emotions with respect to health. Under the influence of massive amounts of contraction, our cells begin to function inefficiently.” The emotional charge resulting from the accumulation of NEC is blocking the receptor sites of your cells from receiving the message to upkeep basic functions. They can no longer perform the routine tasks of producing proteins that carry out the basic tasks of keeping the body in a perfect state of health. It isn’t that disease and imbalance is created by our cells but rather in the “absence” of balance, disease and imbalance is created and experienced. Even with a “strict”, “proper”, or “ideal” diet, nutrients can no longer be assimilated efficiently into the body. This is an interesting fact since so much emphasis has been placed on the importance of diet and exercise as the keys to eliminating and preventing toxicity in the body.

In many alternative practices, there has always been a credibility and acceptance of the common link between the repressed emotion and where in the body the imbalance or disease begins to manifest. According to Oriental medicine, each organ or gland has one or more emotions that influence it. More often than not, the emotional trauma begins to manifest the imbalance in a corresponding organ or gland. With all this ancient wisdom and modern scientific research as supporting evidence, we can no longer ignore the fact that emotional toxicity plays an equal and perhaps a more dominant role in achieving optimal health.

Cellular Memory Release is a focused method on accessing and transforming this emotional toxicity thereby allowing all holistic parts – spiritually, emotionally, and cellularly – to communicate and regain a state of balance.  By healing the pain body the energetic toxicity is released and a being becomes healthy again.

The pain body

The cornerstone of emotional toxicity is the Pain Body, which prevents you from experiencing peace and connection at an emotional and spiritual level as well as vitality and health at a physical and cellular level. The Pain Body can be seen as its own energy field within the Cellular Memory whose prime directive is the accumulation and generation of pain in your life. Whether disease, dysfunction, imbalance or lack of peace occurs at any level, you can be sure that the Pain Body is playing a very active role in feeding its existence. Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, calls the cumulative layers of NEC the “Pain-Body” and refers to it as an entity. He says:

“There are two levels of pain: the pain that you create now, and the pain of the past that still lives on in your mind and body. This of course includes the pain that you suffer as a child, caused by the unconsciousness of the world into which you were born. The accumulated pain is a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind. If you look at it as an invisible entity in its own right, you are getting quite close to the truth – It’s the emotional Pain-Body.”

The cells in which past physical or emotional trauma is stored, operate in a survival pattern based on something that is no longer real or current for anyone but the person maintaining the pattern. When an unresolved issue or trauma impedes the flow of energy in the body-mind system, stagnation is created in a particular part of the body, often the organ, joint or muscle most associated with the trauma. We know further that areas of stagnant energy contain negative e-motional charge (NEC) that literally split and subdivide the human energy field in separate compartments without communication between them. When we hold off the trauma, we are allowing more layers of NEC to follow the original one making the situation even more complex. A simple example: You hurt your ankle while running because you are late to your office. You feel very upset for that. You get angry at yourself for not paying more attention when walking and you may blame yourself by saying things like, “Stupid, you never pay enough attention!” “You are going to be late and your boss will be upset with you”. By now, your body is not only feeling the physical trauma in the form of real pain, but you are adding self-condemnation, anger, guilt, fear and unforgiveness. This process may go on and on.

Acupuncturist, Tapas Fleming writes in her book You Can Heal Now: “…at the moment when a problem or a trauma happens, (physical, mental or emotional) we have the feeling that life is unbearable and we say ‘NO’ to whatever is happening to us. Some variations to this theme include: ‘this is too much for me; if this happens, I won’t survive.’ The implication to that inner statement is, ‘I’ll deal with it later, file it away, I’ll face it when I can, when it is not life threatening’.

But we seem to put off forever something that we don’t want to deal with now, and the imbalance of the undigested trauma stays with us. We can put time and distance between us and the event, but the experience itself is still on hold. Another response may be to deny that the problem happened. However the more we keep it locked in the ‘so called Past’, the more strongly we are connected with it. The more unresolved issues we hold off, the more narrow and limited our lives will become.” Unprocessed traumatic experiences create suffocation and contraction of the positive e-motional charge (PEC) which leads to massive dysfunction in our bodies-mind system. The disproportion between positive and negative e-motional charge (Pain-Body) is such that the natural bodily activities are deeply affected. Just think for a moment, the amount of Life force that it has taken to “hold” that NEC stored in the cells all this time! Now imagine for a while how you would feel releasing that NEC, allowing the transformation to take place. When we use this technology, we do not erase the memory. The stuck Life force is liberated, leaving the cells’ natural energy free to be used for self-healing and growth. Since very young, we learned to resist our feelings, damaging ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. We did this because we didn’t know what we were doing and because we imitated others (ancestors, parents, teachers, TV programs, publicity, books, etc.) When we disregard a feeling, we are resisting its existence and trying to exchange it for something that matches our self-image. When we resist “what is” and the existence of present feelings, we cannot digest the experience. This is how the NEC is stored in the body-mind organism creating the Pain-Body.

What supports the Pain-Body is “unconsciousness”

The Pain-Body is an inner energy field, almost a “separate entity”, with its own agenda. This is an energy field of negative beliefs. And the negative decisions that we make about our life and ourselves, may affect our reactions when a certain button is pushed.” Sometimes the stimuli are “nonsense” and other people don’t understand our dramatic overreaction. This creates more negativity in our thoughts and perceptions, attracting more uncomfortable circumstances into our experience.

The Pain-Body is very big in our civilization; it is everywhere–books, movies, television–wherever we go, we see its expression. These are expressions of resistance, of anger, envy, oppression, resentment, fear, guilt, shame and all other forms of negativity. It is friction that was never resolved in our system, friction that was never observed, allowed and transformed, but rather stored and put on hold. When we go through a negative experience, usually we make a decision such as, “I’m not good enough,” or “I won’t be able to make it”; “I’m dumb”, or “this is too much for me”. When we believe in those decisions, they get imprinted in our energy field and they run our life from then on. Most of those decisions were made at a formative age, or were absorbed from our mother’s energy field in the womb.

The main reason that we don’t want to deal with the Pain-Body is because we don’t know how. In addition, we don’t know how because we never knew of its existence. We were not aware of it! The Pain-Body is the accumulation in us of all the negative experiences we have had, all the resistance, and all the complaints. Most of it is unnecessary suffering. Unconsciously we get used to a way of perceiving life that causes us suffering. It is because of ignorance and imitation. We don’t know what we are doing to ourselves.

The Pain-Body can be released when we transform the stagnant NEC in our system. We digest NEC when we fully acknowledge and allow our feelings, without reactivity, and without judging ourselves, for the way we feel. While practicing this work, you will be consciously visiting your energy field, perhaps for the first time in your life. You will be bringing awareness to your mental and emotional reality. It is not the expression of the emotions that is relevant, it is owning them, being present to them. Not because they are “your” emotions, but because they are happening in you “now”. And when you accept fully what is happening in the now, it passes through you; it doesn’t get stuck.

The Pain Body Release technique helps you to detect and transform the pain body. It is a practical and effective tool, and it is easy to learn for yourself. Once we have diffused the pain body, we have to “repattern” the belief system that is supporting the creation and recycling of the pain body. This process is crucial to gaining total awareness of the origin and roots of a painful pattern. Without transforming the beliefs behind the pain body, we are only masking the pain and putting a band-aid on it, a temporary hold solution for something that will appear again unless it is fully dealt with in the now. The repatterning process brings balance to our neural net.

The Neural Net

Modern science has compared the human brain with an extraordinary center of command that processes data and directions coming from different places in the organism. Our brain houses billions of cells called neurons; it is said that there are as many neurons in the nervous system as stars in our galaxy. These neurons join in neural pathways, and all neural pathways constitute the neural net. The neural net is activated by electrochemical impulses generated in the brain. This information flows through the nervous system from one extreme to the other and we call it “info-energy.” It travels from cell to cell at a very high speed. Among other components, it includes neurotransmitters. Researchers say that neurotransmitters are like electrochemical messengers used by cells to communicate with each other. A simple thought may trigger an enormous amount of neurotransmitters. When one neuron sends its neurotransmitters to other neurons with which it is in contact, an inner experience in the form of sensations and emotions is produced, and the relation between neurons gives rise to the so-called neural pathway. When there is a thought, the neural net is activated and we experience an inner emotion or sensation. But if the same stimulus is sent again and again carrying the same kind of info-energy, the neurons develop a very close relationship among themselves, and these intensify over time. Dendrites and the axon, which are like the arms of the neuron, stretch out trying to make contact with an increasing amount of adjacent neurons, so that eventually the neural pathways are strengthened.

How the NNR/Neural Net Re-patterning process works:

 What we like about NNR, is that anybody can run their own neural pathways by themselves. And once you learn how to do it, you can run multiple chains of beliefs and that gets really exciting! CMR facilitators teach it to their clients and after a few sessions the clients can do it without any help.

There are three main goals in doing NNR:

  • 1- Uncover the unconscious assumptions and the links between the beliefs,

  • 2- Bring light to the roots and deepest causes if needed.

  • 3- De-activate the assumptions and the chain of beliefs that are or were created unconsciously.

Three main benefits come from doing this:

 1. We become aware of the whole neuropathway looking for the benefits with the presence and curiosity of a child.

Figuring out what life paths, experiences, and stories we are made of, and how to release what is not needed so that our neuropathway is whole and balanced again.  Almost like being a detective working your way through your life experiences, memories, and scanning your body to figure out where healing needs to happen.

2.Sometimes becoming aware of the circumstances that originated the unconscious assumptions is crucial

Even if the story surrounding the wound is mostly irrelevant, bringing light onto the cause can be the catalyst for great transformation. The child created a self-image based on very important assumptions and decisions following what was going on then. Getting to know the neuropathway of the experience is the beginning, but it is not enough to de-activate the pattern. After reading the chain of beliefs backwards a few times to bring awareness, we may ask some questions like: Do you recognize this pattern? Is it familiar to you? How do you see it being active in your life? Where is this coming from? Where did you learn it? What is the earliest memory you have of having it? Is there anything that led you to believe this? Who was involved in this experience? As the file starts opening, we will find what unconscious assumptions that person made inside her/his mind at that early age.

3. Once we find the origin and the unconscious connections that support the beliefs, we ask some questions to verify if we want to keep believing it or to let go of it

Is this belief true? Is it real?

Is it something I would teach to a child as a teaching for life?

How do I feel when I believe it?

Does anyone benefit from it? Real, genuine benefit?

What would my life be like if I no longer carried these beliefs? What would my words or actions be like if I let the beliefs go?

Every known behavioral pattern, habit, addiction and compulsion follows this neural-energy pattern, and the repetition of these patterns creates an electromagnetic resonance in us. A resonance is an unconscious pattern that manifests outwardly the same reality with which it corresponds internally. If we repeatedly use the same thought patterns every day, those inner relationships are strengthened and the same emotional reactions are produced over and over again. As a consequence, we attract in the outside world those frequencies with which we internally resonate. Through the repetition of the same patterns, a self-image is created in response to the physical or emotional injuries we have suffered in the past. What we must realize is that it is simply an image; it isn’t, hasn’t ever been and won’t ever be real. Other names used to describe this same concept are ego, false personality, false self, or mask. This self-image is composed of numerous beliefs that control us and that we mistake for reality.

After three or four years practicing and training others in Pain Body Release, we noticed that for some people it was not working in the way we were expecting it.

Regardless of how much pain body they were accessing and moving during the sessions, there was always more pain and discomfort coming in. In other words, we felt like we were emptying water out of the pond and more toxic water was coming in from some unknown source. In some way it was confusing to us. So many people were cutting through the veil and becoming more and more conscious and empowered. Their problems were no longer problems for them and their health and wellbeing were improving and expanding to levels we never dream of. Yet other people that were doing their process with the same or even more commitment were still creating, attracting and experiencing pain in their lives. The patterns of behavior were repeating themselves. They kept complaining and biting upon themselves. Each session was like starting from scratch and we had the certainty that we were running in circles!

Because of our experience, we knew that underneath those layers of pain, there was something that was essentially their core of wellbeing or the light body: the original design. A place made of love, freedom, peace and joy. We knew that these people had it, but what was preventing them from living their life from that place like the rest of the others doing the PBR process? This is when we started paying attention to the way they were expressing themselves and realized that they were believing in certain things that were creating pain and affecting their life perception. We realized that some of those beliefs were unconscious assumptions that told them “who they were” and “what life was or should be” for them. We knew that if we deeply believe that “nobody loves me” we will feel an undercurrent of sadness and fear in us, regardless of how much we have accomplished or how great our life was at the moment.

Without any plan, we started asking seemingly silly questions like: “Is there anything good in feeling that sadness?”.

Or “what is the good side of feeling anxious?” Or, “if there is any benefit in feeling rage, what is it?”

To our surprise, the answers to the puzzle were coming out of their own mouths in what we call a chain of beliefs, each link a belief the person learned in their formative years.

They would say:

“The benefit of being anxious is that I am more productive (and the benefit of that?), is that I feel more responsible; (and the benefit of that?), is that I am a better father; (and the benefit of that?), is that I feel worthy; (and the benefit of that?), is that I can be more calm and relaxed.”

As we said it before, all these unconscious assumptions or inner decisions, condition us to act or perform in a certain way that is no longer authentic or genuine to us. We create a self-image to adapt to the circumstances around us trying to be included and accepted by the people we have to deal with.

We could see that the more we believe in an unconscious belief, the more we activate the self-image or the false persona. We become that belief. The more we live our lives from a false place, the less real and authentic a life we have.

The less real we are, the more contractions happen in our system because we’ve been designed to be authentic and real. The more contractions we have in us, the larger the pain body grows. And the larger the pain body is, the smaller is our light body. As a consequence, we may experience more suffering and less joy and peace in our lives.

Ex.: When we believe in the unconscious belief that we are unworthy and nobody loves us, we feel sad, alone and afraid. When we feel this way, we may feel nervous and insecure. When we feel like that, we may say “yes when we want to say no” to people, trying to get them to like us. When we do that, we may resent others or even ourselves for doing what we don’t want to do. Then we may feel anger and resentment, convinced that we have to attack, defend and protect ourselves. Then, nobody loves us, not even we love ourselves! We judge and criticize ourselves and feel unworthy and the cycles goes on and on and on.

Coming from the journey into the pain body, we can explore the unconscious beliefs that create the contractions. Coming from a more mental investigation, we can foresee the pain that is created as a result of believing an unconscious belief.

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Ascension Abilities

Sources of Information:

Ascension and Premonitions: by Trish LeSage: from In5D

 Future Vision and the Awakened Timelines of the New Earth: by Uriel/DL Zeta: from & Celestial Vision

While on the path of ascension, one may eventually begin to experience the psychic ability of Precognition or in other words, premonitions. The information may come through in different ways, and a variety of information may come through.

Premonitions may show us how a particular situation may turn out if we continue on the path that we are currently on, or they may offer us guidance that shows us the best path to follow. Premonitions may also help us to avoid pitfalls and even danger.

One may experience premonitions in the form of thoughts that come into the mind that tell the person exactly what may happen in the future. Sometimes the thoughts may come from an internal voice inside the mind, or the person may see information about the future, or an entire scene of the future may unfold in their mind’s eye. Seeing the information may occur while the eyes are open or while the eyes are closed. Sometimes, however, thoughts simply enter the mind without seeing and hearing the information.

Premonitions may also come in the form of divine signs or synchronicity. Divine signs may be seen, heard, or even smelled. For example, if one is to avoid being injured or perishing in a fire, they may smell smoke before there is even a fire. Divine signs can appear anywhere and at any time, and they may be accompanied by information about the future.

Sometimes premonitions also come in the form of having gut feelings about someone or something. The gut feelings are usually accompanied by thoughts about what may happen in the future. The gut feelings may be positive or negative depending on the circumstances.

People who are on the path of ascension may have premonitions while they are awake and while they sleep. Although many dreams are said to be precognitive to begin with, one who is on the path of ascension may begin to have more precognitive dreams than they did in the past. The premonitions in dreams may contain information about oneself or information about others. Since dreams are very symbolic, one must accurately determine what each symbol means for them personally in precognitive dreams in order to correctly interpret the dreams so that they are able to apply the information to their waking life.

People may even find that while they are on the path of ascension, they are eventually able to do accurate readings for themselves or for others. Practicing doing readings for oneself can actually help to develop one’s precognitive abilities.

While on the path of ascension, we may begin to experience a heightened level of intuitive abilities, and we may begin to experience intuitive abilities that we have never experienced before. Precognition is one such ability. It is a very valuable and beneficial ability that can offer guidance for oneself and for others. It can help us to avoid pitfalls and danger, and it can guide us to live the life of our dreams.

Some people also develop recognition which is the ability to astral travel into the past and see previous life events that happened to a person or even down the familial ancestral lineage. This also works for going back to see historical events that have happened on the planet. At times recognition of seeing what occurred in a past event or even lifetime can help to resolve unfinished karma, ask for forgiveness and healing for a person, or even on someone’s behalf if you have their permission to do this for them. This process can aid is releasing negative energies and letting go of past situations by creating peace with what happened since the situation or event is healed to the best of a person’s abilities, therefore resolved so it cannot create more karma down the road in the present or future of the person’s life.

Other ascension abilitiies that people can develop is the following:

  • Seeing mental images with your third eye (inside your mind)

  • Clairvoyance, the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known senses, i.e., a form of extrasensory perception.

  • Clairaudience is receiving messages in thought form from another frequency or realm, this includes hearing sounds, voices, or receiving vibrational energies that other people do not sense.

  • Clairsentience is a form of psychic intuition. The prefix “clair”, means “clear”, and the suffix “sentience”, means “feeling”. The word reflects the psychic’s ability to hone in on the energy of otherworldly realms. Clairsentients sense, rather than think through the information they receive. They are particularly attuned to their intuitive, or what people call “gut feelings”. They can sense when something of import is about to occur, when someone is hurt, sick or passed from this life. Often they sense the positive or negative energies given off from other people. Strong smells or tastes accompany the impressions received by a clairsentient. When there is a disturbance in the crust of the earth, or the oceans, a clairsentient can experience a variety of symptoms. Before a dramatic event, a clairsentient can feel a nervous excitement, feelings of unease or dread or a sinking or sick feeling in their stomach. During a strong earthquake, no matter where it is in the world, the clairsentient can feel off centered and dizzy. They may literally have to grip a piece of furniture or a wall to keep from falling. Because of their broad breadth of vision, they can gather information that other people cannot. Through extending their senses through psychometry they can gather information from touching objects, especially from the personal possessions of others. They can see the life, traumas and events of a person through touching their items. This is the sense that is most often used by police departments in trying to solve violent crimes. Sometimes these impressions manifest as a vision that may quickly evaporate. Clairsentients often work as life-coaches and reiki masters.

  • Seeing people’s aura or colors around them

  • Having visions while you are awake or sleeping…these visions are usually flashes of a scene and not a long video type of situation.

  • Flashes of symbols, numbers, people or places.

  • Telepathy, the ability of being able to read people’s mind and be able to send thought forms to other people, and for them to receive the thought form that you sent them.

  • Teleportation, the ability to transport yourself from one place to another

  • Telekinesis/Levitation, the ability to lift things with your mind and move them around

  • Pyrokinesis, a psychic ability allowing a person to create and control fire with the mind

  • Being able to manifest anything with the mind and make it happen instantly in reality without it taking time to be manifested in the physical world.

  • Intuitively sensing when someone is telling the truth or lying, by being in tune with our higher self and universal knowledge all at the same time.  This happens by being in touch with our inner selves and having our sixth sense open to us to access higher dimensional energies.

  • Self healing the mind and body from disease(s) or negative thought forms by creating positive programming and beliefs to have a healthy existence.

    Future Vision and the Awakened Timelines of the New Earth

    We are standing in the gateway to a powerful time when we’re being asked to step past those things that previously held us back. The energies of October’s eclipse series are already swirling around us, inspiring us to transcend old identities and step more fully into the awakened timelines of the New Earth.

    Waking and nighttime dreams are preparing you to embrace more fully your true identity as an infinite and divine being. Working with dream states now helps you develop future vision, a tool that can help you chart your course into fifth-dimensional life tracks. This tool helps you intuitively see where a situation, choice or idea will take you in the future. It helps you look at a situation and see straight through to the intention that created it. Viewing potentials before they manifest allows for course corrections and fine-tuning of intentions and visualizations.

    Opening to future vision makes it easier to “plug in” to the expanded energies now abundant on the Earth plane. These energies are helping an ever increasing number of beings experience moments of expanded vision.

    Future Vision reveals the Simultaneous Nature of Time

    Future vision opens a window into the inner workings of consciousness. Through this window we are able to witness the simultaneous nature of what we think of as time. Future vision takes place when we bring our vibration, intention and focus to a synchronistic intersection that allows us to access visions of our future. The future moments we view correspond with our present-moment focus, our intentions for the future, and the degree in which we are aware of and open to our field of possibilities. One way in which the future creates the present moment is through glimpses of future potentials.

    Future Vision brings Elevated States of Heightened Perception

    Future vision allows us to see through anything that obscures the true essence of our being. It’s not difficult to recognize moments of future vision. They are accompanied by a heightened sense of perception and elevated feeling states. They may only last a few seconds, but within each second, all of eternity is revealed. In this way, time is experienced differently; one second can equal days, months and even years of linear experience.

    Future Vision brings Awareness of Soul Contracts

    Through this lens, our purpose is revealed; the future of life on Earth as well as the next step in our spiritual path becomes clear. Future vision also sharpens our ability to recognize friends from other lifetimes and brings awareness to soul contracts we share with others. Older souls who have shared many lifetimes together are here now to meet once again in a ‘reunion lifetime’. Those who have felt this lifetime to contain several ‘mini’ lifetimes are experiencing a reunion lifetime. Early on, past friends from denser lifetimes were encountered so past misunderstandings could be healed. Later in life, friends from more awakened lifetimes are showing up to join their light with yours and fulfill your mutual purpose of anchoring new waves of energy to the planet.

    Dreams and Dimensional Bleedthroughs are Primary Sources of Future Vision

    Dreams are a primary source of future vision. Images of future life tracks can be downloaded more easily into consciousness during sleep states. These images trickle into your waking mind with divine timing. There are other sources of future vision. Your higher self regularly downloads future insight into your consciousness. Another source of future vision comes through the fluid nature of time which can result in ‘dimensional bleedthroughs’ that allow us to communicate with past and future aspects from other lifetimes as well as aspects from our past and future within this lifetime. Dimensional bleedthroughs are energetic portals that open when there is sufficient resonance between life tracks.

    Future vision is possible because each being is multifaceted, multidimensional and multiconnected. When you open to consciously embrace the many-layered nature of your being, you are able to tap into a much wider and deeper range of conscious perception. All moments exist parallel to our present and become accessible to us when we enter fifth-dimensional consciousness.

    Future Vision is a Tool for Shaping New Realities

    Future vision is a valuable tool for navigating potential timelines because it brings a subtle experience of potentials starting to crystallize in your future. If you remain alert and awake to these subtle shifts, you are able to use this feedback to fine tune the futures you are creating.

    Energy flows in all directions so events crystallizing in your near future are always sending out waves of energy that cast a sphere of influence extending in both directions – past and future. Future happenings affect your life and awareness as much as past events do. In some cases, you are more affected by future events because they exist in your subconscious and are not always accessed in the way you are able to “pull-up” past times and understand the influence they are exerting on your present.

    Quantum Awakening and the Timelines of the New Earth

    It is by opening to moments of future vision that you are able to align with the expanded timelines of the New Earth. Your powers of perception and precognition are important tools for navigating future life tracks where the technologies of the human spirit are more widely known and practiced. When these technologies are awakened, we will easily see through anything that has held us back – bottlenecks of unprocessed emotions, parasitic thought viruses, limiting belief systems and more. The quantum awakening of many incarnated beings will trigger a deeper experience of the timelines of the New Earth where unconditional love and inner peace are primary frequencies.

    This and much more is available to us when we choose to stand in the truth of our infinite being. When you bring your focus to the images that future vision brings, you are able to perceive events setting up in your present moment and follow their development through time to view the shape of the New Earth. When you better understand the changes currently taking shape you will understand your role and purpose within the transition times coming ahead.

Transform your Life through your Handwriting

Vimala Rodgers is a handwriting expert that teaches people to change their life based on a special alphabet – the Vimala Letters . These letters are designed to release self-limiting thought habits so that life can be interpreted from a non-judging, spirit-based attitude, shape self-image in a revitalized place or in other words it enables cortical remapping. As Vimala describes it, the way we shape the letters is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

“After many years of research of alphabets ancient and modern, philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, metaphysics, I came to a realization that our Roman Alphabet is not just a series of letter shapes, it is a prolonged prayer from beginning to the end. In alphabetical terminology, it is called a cabala, or mystical teaching handed down through the ages.”


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